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Annuals are the fastest, easiest, and generally most inexpensive way to add a variety of colors to your spring, summer and fall gardens. Annuals are also referred to as bedding plants. Annuals are plants that germinate, flower, set seed and die in one season in a garden.

Suggestions for selecting annuals:

Select the right annual for the right location: take into consideration the amount of sun, water requirements, soil type, height and width you desire.

Keep color schemes simple. Warmer colors, such as, yellow, orange, and red draw attention and interest. Cool colors, like, green, blue, and purple have a tendency to draw away and have a calming effect. White and gray are resourceful and help unify parts of a garden.

Have a purpose for planting annuals in your garden: for aesthetics, quick ground cover, cut flower source, to draw hummingbirds or butterflies, or other use.

In addition to being planted in the ground annuals can be planted in containers, window boxes, or hanging baskets.

Buy annuals when the temperature is correct for planting them; be conscious of last frosts in March and April

Plant on a cloudy or overcast day, or late in the day to help plants become accustomed to sunlight.

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Patio Furniture Maintenance

General Information

Sling Furniture
Our manufacturers produce quality aluminum frames that have been finished with electrostatically applied powdercoated nylon paint for a sturdy long-lasting finish. This modern finish is warranted by the manufacturers against peeling and flaking due to defective painting. The fabric slings are made from vinyl-coated polyester flex fabric that has been tested for strength, sturdiness and ability to maintain color.

Cast Aluminum Furniture
Cast Aluminum furniture is furniture that began its manufacturing as a melted liquid which was poured into a mold and cooled. After the casting process the furniture was then sanded carefully to remove any imperfections. The individual castings that make up a pattern were then welded together, cleansed and painted. The major benefit of this style of furniture is that because it is constructed from solid aluminum, there will be no rusting over its lifetime.

Annual Maintenance
A frequent hosing of the furniture with a spray from the garden hose will remove dirt, food and pollen from the frames. The periodic use of automobile wax on the aluminum frames (smooth finishes only) can enhance the beauty of your furniture.
End of Patio Season: For our Sling Furniture, we reccomend using our in house cleaner, which can be purchased by clicking HERE.  Hose off surface dirt, and while still wet, spray slings with cleaner and allow to sit for 30 seconds. It helps to use a soft bristled brush to get into to the gaps of the slings.  Then proceed to hose off slings thoroughly. Repeat if necesary.  Do not let dry with out rinsing, and do not spray on metal frames.
Winter Storage: Your aluminum frames are designed to endure the harsh winter months. To keep the furniture looking new and to extend the life of the fabric slings we strongly recommend that you use plastic covers for the winter. Green Lea stocks a full line of protective covers for individual pieces of furniture, or large covers that will protect both the table and all of the dining chairs. Click Here to purchase covers. All frames should be stored in the upright position to allow drainage in order to avoid damage from water inside the frames freezing and bursting.

Manufacturers warranties on your furniture do not cover “acts of God” which includes damage from the elements, including wind and snow. Tempered glass is not covered under the warranty. By using the correct umbrella weight, tightening the thumbscrew on the bottom of the base and closing the umbrella when not in use, you can help prevent any unexpected damages.

Maintaining Your Sales Receipt & Records

We recommend that the customers hold onto their receipts for their personal files. You will need the manufacturer name, collection style and color numbers to correctly order Sling Replacements, or to replace the plastic feet if they wear out.

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General Information

•Our outdoor cushions are made from the best outdoor fabrics available and are stuffed with polyester filling which provides loft and allows the water to drain through quickly, preventing mildew build up.

• Outdoor fabrics used for both beauty and durability are: Textilene, an open weave “plastic” fabric; Elbertex, a combination of textilene and acrylic that is more closely woven and soft; and Acrylics which are solution dyed, guaranteed not to fade and also are the most sun protection available. The best-known brand of acrylic fiber is “Sunbrella®” made by Glen Raven Mills.

Cushion Care Tips

• If a bad spill occurs, you should rinse out the cushion as soon as possible with a strong spray from your garden hose.

• At the end of the summer: Using a watered down solution of a liquid pine cleaner, wipe the outer fabric with a sponge. For stubborn spots or stains, use a small amount of full strength pine cleaner. Rinse thoroughly. Allow the cushions to dry completely and store in a dry storage area indoors.

• For mildewed cushions: If mildewing does occur we recommend to mix a solution of 3 cups of Bleach into a bucket of cold water. Soak the cushion completely, rotating the cushion until the solution starts draining out of the fabric. Please use a bucket of the bleach solution for each individual cushion. This process works best when clean up is on a sunny day when the temperature will reach at least the upper 70’s. Allow the cushions to dry in the sun for several hours. The sun activates the bleach to kill the mildew and get rid of any stains without harming the fabric or its colors. Rinse thoroughly. Allow cushion to Dry completely. Store the cushions in a dry indoor storage space.

Floral or Printed Acrylic Cushions

Our floral and printed fabrics are frequently made of Sunbrella and other acrylics, but the color & pattern are printed only onto the seating side of the fabric using non-color fast dyes. These prints will eventually fade in direct sunlight and cannot be cleaned using the bleach formula mentioned above. Use a diluted solution of pine cleaner and water to upholstery clean the outside of the cushion, rinse thoroughly and store in a completely dry storage area.

• During the summer, make a note to remember to turn your floral cushions over, exposing the other side, every month.

• If in question whether you are choosing a printed acrylic fabric, check the reverse side, if it is identical to the seating face, it means that the pattern was woven into the fabric. If it is not colorful or has no pattern, this means the fabric has been printed only on the seating side.

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Wrought Iron Furniture

Wrought Iron furniture is constructed from heavy gauge, low carbon rolled steel. High-Tech paint systems are used by the manufacturers to provide sturdy, durable finishes. Wrought Iron furniture offers a conventional styling with a more formal appearance; its light open designs add attention to any setting. Iron furniture has ageless sophistication with long-term elegance.

Annual Maintenance

• At seasons end, carefully inspect each piece. Check that the plastic glides on the legs are in place and that they are not overly worn. Look for the start of rust near welds, at the edges of the mesh, as well as on chips on the legs and sides.

• Rust spots should be sanded well and then sprayed with the touch-up point color-coded to your furniture. Any Rustoleum or Krylon paint obtained at any hardware or home center may be used. Use several light coats, allowing each coat to dry thoroughly.

• Wrought Iron furniture will require less maintenance if stored indoors for the winter, but many customers prefer to enjoy the use and look of the furniture year-round, leaving it permanently in place.

• Our wrought iron manufacturers advise against the use of furniture covers during the winter season. Covers trap moisture and speed up the advancement of rust.

Green Lea Inc. does not recommend purchase or use of Wrought Iron furniture near any chlorinated swimming areas or in shore locations. Airborne chlorine and salt accelerate the onset of rust on steel frames.

Maintaining Your Sales Receipt and Records

You will need to file your new receipts for the future. You may need the style numbers and color codes to order replacement parts or feet glides. These parts are ordered by the catalog number of the individual piece.

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Wicker Furniture

All Weather Resin Wicker

Resin Wicker is constructed from a resin plastic material to specifically hold up to outdoor environments. Dust on a regular basis with small brush or vacuum. Any spill should be taken care of immediately before it has time harden or stain. For best result try using a damp towel with some soapy water. In order to maintain your furniture’s beauty for years to come it is recommended that you occasionally hose off your wicker patio furniture and wash with a mild soap detergent or commercial cleaning product as needed. Use a soft sponge or brush and dry with a soft towel. You can even try using a vacuum with an attachment to remove and dirt caught in crevices.

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